Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Hey Pretties,

it's been a while i shared bridal pictures with you. Forgive me! Soo many excuses, but not to worry i will be sharing products used , never to interrupt the flow again. 
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So this wonderful lady, Damilola got married 2 weeks ago. Apparently, a year prior to that, i had attended to 2 brides that were friends of her younger sister and so she ensured i was the makeup artist of choice.

I met Dami in person on the day of her wedding & it was very hard to not fall in love with her. She has this personality that envelopes a room,bringing light & laughter to everyone in her path.

Beads by GeeBalo

Oyinda, the bride's younger sister (who everyone says looked equally like a bride). Beads by Bimms - 08028369943 ; 08178784445

The Very Beautiful Odunubi Babes
She completely trusted me to make her look her ever so fabulous self and i made sure i didn't go overboard with anything *wide grin*

I need not say much as the pictures do enough justice to how she felt.

She has since then made me her sister(amazing if you ask me). I Love You Dami, thank you for choosing SitPretty Beauty

Pretty K


  1. U did an amazing job boss,

  2. Bad ass makeup artist #TeamSitPretty


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