Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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Hey Pretties,

One quiet afternoon in my studio,i decided to try something new. It's makeup,right? So there are no rules.In my own opinion, if it doesn't look right, you can just wipe it off

So i decided to create the ELECTRIC LIP, for those of you who missed it on Instagram,here is how i created the look ( I need to start doing pictorials,right ;-(

Step 1 : Exfoliate your lips to make them supple enough to accept & retain color on them

Step 2 : Get 2 lipliners (one should be a shade darker than the other) to create a gradient e.g. Orange & Red ; Purple & Pink ; Purple & Lilac ; Pink & Brown ; Red & Purple

Step 3 : Fill in the entire lip with the lighter color & shade the edges of your lip with the darker shade. Blend the 2 with your lipbrush or fingers till it appears seamless.

Step 4 : Get 2 lipstick shades ( Matte OR Cream if you prefer ) & apply them with the same intent as you did your lipliners for a richer look.

Step 5 : Blend your lipstick and liner with a lipbrush for some precision till it's all flawless

Step 6 : Apply some gloss ( Use one that's close to the darker lipliner color ) and apply ONLY at the edge of your lips ( not all through )

And there you have it ' ELECTRIC LIPS'. The warmer the shades you use, the greater the effect.

Ps : 3 Followers of this blog ( yes, you have to follow this blog) who are able to recreate this look to perfection get a special gift bag from SitPretty Beauty. Please email your entries to : sitpretty412@yahoo.com

Lucky winners will be announced next week Tuesday

Pretty K

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