Friday, December 31, 2010


Hey guys,its the eve of the New Year  If you are in Nigeria & other West-African Countries(From what i learnt in Geography,the Dusty & very Dry Winds move from the North[Sahara] to South[Gulf of Guinea] during the Harmattan season).

So for whoever is Familiar with this Time of The Year,You'll Know that it comes with Dryness in all forms,From Ur Hair,to ur Skin,Ur Lips,Every Part of ur Body suffers from the Dryness,including your Nasal Passage.

So in order to deal with the challenges that come with this kind of weather,you need to MOISTURISE,MOISTURISE & MOISTURIZE SOME MORE.Here are a few tips:

HAIR: As much as possible,you need more of leave-in moisturizers that leave little or no residue on your hair.This last bit is because you will find that your hair needs more moisture than it did previous weeks/months ago & if you use any heavy moisturizers that are waxy or very oily,you will have loads of build-up & you will need to wash your hair every often.

HUMAN HAIR WEAVES: Though you can't see this,the weave you have on,has the capacity to accumulate dust even more than your own hair & so in this crucial time,you will need to wash your hair once a week,depending on how long you have them on for.Your special care routines still apply.

LIPS: These have the tendency to get chapped easily & the key to keeping them extra moisturized is having a Lip Balm(Vaseline,Chap Stick,Chapet & the likes) worn beneath your Lipstick.This will keep your Lips moisturised as you go about & prevent Chapped Lips,which could be very painful at this time.

For deep conditioning & an overnight care,you can reach for your Shea Butter. These will stay longer than your Lip Balm & hence,why i suggested you use it at night.Moisturizing Lip Goss containing Vitamin E is also a very good option.

SKIN: For Black Skin,there is every likelihood that after mositurizing & are hit by the full Glare of the Harmattan, you skin happens to still look very dry. To avoid this happening, you can mix a little bit of your EVOO(Extra Virgin Olive Oil) or your Baby Oil with your Moisturizer. That way,even when your moisturizer is absorbed by your skin, your Skin still has that Moisturized Look.

MAKEUP: For those with Oily Skin,this is a very fun time for you because Shine is reduced.But that doesnt mean you shouldn't moisturize before applying makeup. There is every tendency that you break out if your skin isnt getting the amount of moisture it needs. SO please,please & please,MOISTURIZE!!

See you all in 2011 & be ready to see a newer & better looking Blog.Cheers All!

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