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Hi Guys,how have u all been?Im aware that as the Holidays draw closer,we all feel the need to splurge on Clothes,Shoes,Gifts & Makeup.Something a sister told me,made me feel the need to touch this subject.

Undoubtedly,MAC products are the most popular products you hear about,Both on the internet & in the market, but most people aren't aware that there are FAKE MAC products out there.When i heard that a MAC 88-colour Palette was sold to that sister,i knew i had to speak up quickly,because she got the product for a Lump sum,only to find out that it was fake,the contents were Chalky & Powdery.

Same way i hear people proudly say they sell MAC 24-brush sets & i wonder where people placed their integrity, but as i've come to understand, they just aren't well informed.

It could be most painful when you spend the same amount of money on the fake and find out you paid that much for a less than $1 product, i've bought one fake and i vouched it would never EVER, happen to me again.

FACTs you should know:


MAC makes no such palette.The only palettes that MAC makes are empty palettes which are then costumized by filling them with refill pans.MAC makes the 4-eyeshadow & 15-eyeshadow empty Eyeshadow palettes & the 6-Blush Empty Palettes.They also have readily selected 4-pan shadow palettes & 6-pan palettes from the various holiday Collections.

MAC also makes the Individual Eyeshadow pots & Pigments that are readily available in all MAC outlets, Pro stores, et al.They all look something like this:

15-pan & 4-pan Refill Palettes (Here's mine :  My Eyeshadow pallette)

Seasonal MAC Collections

Single Eyeshadow Pots

MAC Pigments(which are highly concentrated loose colour powders that contain ingredients to help it adhere to the skin.)

This is what the Fakes look like:

If you are familiar with the Coastal Scents Palettes,this is an exact replica with a different name printed on it:

Notice that this particular one is similar to the way the Sleek palettes look:

Another thing to note is that MAC products are never sold cheap in any way.Even if they are having some form of Sales, you usually get about $3-$5 off the retail price. Agreed they are pricey, but with them you get value for what you paid for. Its also good to do your research before purchasing any beauty product. That way you stay informed & avoid spending loads of cash on the fake.

FACT 2: MAC makes no such thing as a 10,20,30-brush set ooo(As Yorubas love to emphasize). They sell their makeup brushes individually or in special sets  & they look something like this:

MAC 'Pret - a - Porter' LIMITED EDITION Brush Set

 MAC 'Heirloom' LIMITED EDITION 5-FACE Brush Set

MAC 'Heirloom' LIMITED EDITION 5-EYE Brush Set
The Fake MAC brushes look something like this:

Your best bet would be to go to a proper MAC store, MAC online store or check the Duty-Free shops at airports when you travel. Avoid buying MAC products on Ebay and other funny sites, because no1 will be held accountable for your error of judgement.

I hope this article proves helpful to all my sisters out there who just loooooooooove Makeup or happen to be makeup artists and don't know.Have a Great Christmas in advance.


  1. Wow this was really helpful to me, cos mac is like everywhere and i just keep wondering wats goin on...okay now where are the places i can get original mac products...thanks dear

  2. Hi Missparky,it depends on your Location.If you are in the US & other countries that have MAC outlets, you can either stop by & a Rep will attend to you or you can order online & have them delivered to you.
    It's best you do your home work before you purchase any beauty products at all.That way,you are sure that you are getting the proper value for your money.Cheers!!

  3. sorry Missparky,there are a few reputable cosmetic outlets in Lagos,Alhaja in tejuoso,Yinka Bodyline Awolowo road & some makeup artists stock them.But pls do ur research before you part with loads of cash.

  4. UH OH I just bought a fake brush set. :( I didn't pay much for it though:)

  5. @ itedyegirl,its ok.It happens to the best of us.

    @ BO,thank you & i hope you found it useful

  6. pls tell them o, I hae always bn telling pple that there is no such large set in MAC, but some prefer to be deceieved. Thanks for the review, hope this will help and educate them more.....Graet one

  7. Isoken Adacha D Dash n Blush MakeoversNovember 17, 2011 at 6:39 AM

    This is very informative, i almost fell prey to the 88 palette but thank God i just didnt buy it, i would have felt very bad to know its fake bcos the cost then was very pricy. Nice one, thanks Kunbi.


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