Friday, May 13, 2011


Hey Pretties,

I wanted to share pictures of a bridal trial i recently did. Yemi,is getting married to a friend & so i was chosen to be her makeup artist.

She is on the reserved side & isnt adventurous with colour & such a bride must be understood. So for upcoming makeup artists, it's important you listen to your bride to know her likes & dislikes as well as knowing her dream look. It's a team effort here & all opinions matter(her fiance was even helpful in picking her lipstick color)

She was having her pre-wedding shots taken & so,we used that opportunity to have her bridal trial done. She has thick brows & very dry skin. So it was very important that i got her skin moisturized to allow the  foundation glide smoothly as well as have a base to stick to.

I didn't use a primer which sometimes works against your goal & so her brows got tweezed & scuplted & it was surely a nice time at the end of the day.

Being a trial, she was able to point out features she wanted more defined or subtlely worked on

Hopefully,she will look even more beautiful on her big day.

Will upload a few more pictures for your perusal when i get it from her wedding photographer


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