Monday, June 20, 2011

Product Review : Super Drug Tweezers(Pointed & Slant Tips)

Hey Pretties,

I got these tweezers, when i sent an aunt to help me get some in England. So she got me the Super-drug Slant-Tip & Pointed-Tip Version which i absolutely love. Of all the brow shaping techniques available, i Prefer Tweezing the most because it helps to remove the shortest of brow hairs, giving the brow bone a waxed look & of course giving the brows a Pin-point Tip capable of Pricking,lol :)

Pointed-Tip       &       Slant-Tip
Of the 2 though, i prefer the Pointed-Tip tweezer. This gives the most precise grip ideal for the tiniest & unobvious of hairs. Why i like this brand is that the tips aren't sharp in any way, so that prevents you hurting your skin when trying to grasp the fine hairs or breaking them off in the process of tugging.

1). It's affordable
2). It gets the Job Done
3). It's of Good Quality

1). Needs a little sharpening to be able to grab fine hairs

What i do is hold my skin taut to help lessen the pain & i tug in the direction of hair growth, one hair at a time. Soon, a how to page would be created, so i can show you how i go about tweezing my brows.

That's how i get my picture perfect brows : )


DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies whose products i display, i bought them with my own money & im not been paid to review their products.

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