Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Need To Go Out More!

hey Pretties,

i decided to rant a bit. I seriously have love to put clothes together, help people prep for events, but i hardly ever go out. I either don't have a convenient way to get there, friends to go with or parenting just doesn't allow me the leisure. Not an excuse right?i'll try harder.

Now, Lagos is always full of activity & with the help of people like Bella Naija, you get to remember certain faces because they tend to be at all events, ahn ahn! I can count 10 faces i would always see sha, is that how PR works?

anyway, below are links to events i wanted to attend, but didn't get the chance to. Thanks Bella Naija, Seriously Doughnuts, Linda Ikeji & 360nobs for keeping me posted ;)

BM Pro's Ikeja Launch

Funke Fowler's wedding! - That is,i would have gone if i was invited,lol

Nigerian Fashion Week

LPM (Le Petit Marche) - Our very own Flea Market

My choices sef are very conservative if i must say so myself, but hopefully soon. I'll be seen on as many red carpet events as possible & will keep you posted.

Pretty K

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