Friday, November 25, 2011

Product Review : MAC Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel in 'BlackTrack'

Hey Pretties,

1st of all, i would like to say a Big Hello to all followers of my blog(I'm truly hoping i have a 100 followers before March next year) & say a HUGE thank you to those who have at one time or the other, stopped by to get some knowledge here. I hope you found the posts very helpful.

Now, from time immemorial, i have loved Gel-liners for so many reasons & i've laid my hands on so many ranging from Loreal HIP's version, to Sleek's version , to Casabella's Version & now MAC's.Why so many,you might ask.

Let me stop here by saying never buy a Gel/Cream Liner if you aren't able to open the pot to see the content. This point i emphasize most especially with SLEEK's version, which is usually sealed. I'm not an enemy of progress, but i have purchased Sleek's very tiny pot at =N=1,700 twice & found they were dry and probably expired.

Believe me when i say that all the tricks existing on the internet on how to revive dried out gel-liners are an utter waste of time. If you're totally stuck on details & textures like i am, you'll probably throw it away.

Casabella's Version which is an Indelible Paint Pot, which i will discuss in the next post are very impressive, if i must say. But my favorite so far has been the MAC's Version, not because of the name, but because with MAC, you can get quality & value for what you paid.

Be careful to observe every part of any product you buy, to be sure you haven't bought a fake


MAC as you can expect box all products they sell, even their brow & lip pencils, so if you see a mac product that doesn't come in a branded, boldly printed carton, run for dear life oooo. You might be paying Top naira for a Dupe, don't say i didn't warn you ooo * holding my ear and pulling it so hard :) *


Currently on MAC's US Website , it is sold for $15 (equivalent value - =N=2,415naira ) , which i think is reasonably priced for the quantity. But if you have to purchase it in Nigeria, be mindful of teh fact that whoever sells it, had to pay for shipping,taxes & profit margin was also included.


Mine hasn't dried out despite many uses & so you can be rest assured of using the contents of the pot to the last swipe.

It applies in true colour in one swipe and dries to a matte finish.

I find this very useful for detailing when it comes to the various ways of opening up / closing out the eyes. I use it on both my upper lashline & lower water-line (If that stings, then you probably shouldn't be using it there).

I Hope you found this post helpful

Pretty K

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  1. the same thing happened to me for sleek.


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