Monday, May 7, 2012

Product Review : Sugar Pill Burning Heart Palette

Hey Pretties,

If you haven't heard of this brand, let me be the first to introduce it to you. It's owned by Blue-haired & bright colored-dressing makeup artist & clothes designer : SHRINKLE

sometime last year i purchased this Palette because i had heard rave reviews about how pigmented these colors are & because colors like Red,Yellow,Orange & Purple are colors i love and which can be very hard to find in other brands,i decided to give it a go.

Outer packaging

Back view of the palette

According to Sugar Pill : It's a delicious fix for color fiends! Sugarpill palettes offer bold combinations of richly pigmented, luxury eyeshadows in striking hues. The velvety smooth texture allows flawless application and superior blending.

I beg to differ with something in this statement. It's a review right & i have to be as honest & as candid as i can. so i'll go straight into the review


1). It's cruelty-free, which means it has never been tested on animals and this i absolutely love.

2). The Colors are very bright and matte with a slight hint of shimmer, but not so much as to qualify them as shimmer shadows.

ClockwiseFlamepoint(Orange) , Buttercupcake(Yellow) , Poison Plum(Purple) & Love +(Red)
 3). The Packaging is very beautiful. The Black color of the palette makes it very professional-looking and it fits perfectly in the hands without feeling bulky.

Don't you just love the Packaging
 4). The colors are very bold, true to colour & pigmented & can be used anywhere else asides the eyes. I sometimes use them as complementary blush colors because i have a light hand when using bold colors.

5). The Colors are super blendable which is a plus.

6). Considering that Sugarpill individual shadows retail for $12 a pop, the palette price of $34 is such a good deal & this makes it worth having in your kit and can be purchased here : SugarPill


- The only grouse i have with this palette especially the Poison Plum(Purple) shade is that as matte,beautiful & pigmented as this eyeshadow is, it leaves a great deal of FALL-OUT despite tapping off all excess on the brush.

- Another problem with this shade is that you need to pack on great amounts to get the intensity you want & you need an extremely sticky eyeshadow base to work with it, otherwise, you'll find yourself coming back to the eyes to add some more even when you thought your job was done.

- This experience i had with a bride & i totally didn't find it funny.

Other than that i absolutely love this palette & would definitely try the other palettes the line offers.

Hope this post was helpful

Pretty K

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  1. who woulda thought you'd get fall-out with these? *sigh* . lovely review as always.xx


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