Monday, May 21, 2012

Product Review : Bdellium Eye-Liner Brushes

Hey Pretties,

if i say i have a fascination with eyeliners and Liner brushes, that's an understatement. I'm obsessed with Liners in all colors and textures(Creams/Gels , Liquid, Pencil etc) and sometimes getting a liner brush with a pointed/felt tip that doesn't sway where you don't want is soo hard to come by.

Though i had the MAC 209 or 211 liner brushes in mind and at $21.50,i knew i could get something cheaper and that's why i settled for the Bdellium Studio Line in 708 & 710 until i finally decide to get the MAC and i must tell u that i'm not disappointed i got them.

708 Bent Liner Brush

710 Eyeliner Brush

According to Bdellium :

Bdellium Tools Studio Line of brushes are makeup tools designed from top grade materials and assembled by hand for a superior quality. Each and every brush showcases the flawless application medium that is Bdellium Tools. From precisely shaped brush heads to balanced mixtures of natural and/or synthetic hair bristles, the luxuriously lacquered long wooden handles of the Studio Line will give you optimum control and comfort resulting in a perfect application time after time. All of the Studio Line brushes are treated with an antibacterial agent on the bristles. (Colors shown in pictures may slightly differ from actual product due to lighting and color settings.)

1). They're affordable, they both retail for $7.04 each
2). The lacquered handles ensures it isn't easily stained
3). The tips stay pointed during use
4). They help to draw a thin or thick line depending on what you're trying to achieve.
5). They can be used with cream or liquid products
6). They're easy to wash
7). The 708 is thinner in dimension and the bent-design allows you see what you're doing especially when you're trying to draw a thin line on your face without outrightly blocking your view. It also helps to get into corners and can be used for detailing work.

The only con is that the brush fibres are strong when you first get them & as any good makeup artist should know, you must always wash new brushes. Washing solves the problem of any stiff feeling your brush might have.

Look forward to hearing from those who have tried out this line of brushes.


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