Friday, February 8, 2013

Bridal Feature : Sugarplum

Hey Pretties,

my dear friend Abisola,got married to her sweetheart and it was a huge honor to have been her makeup artist.Months back,i got her picture ready for her INTRO(Introduction to her In-laws) and it was a good way of knowing what to look forward to.

Fastforward several months later and the day finally arrived. Of Both Looks,i preferred the Engagement look due to the versatility of colors that i used.

  Her Dress had the most amazing details and she rocked her look soo well.

 Thanks 'Bisola for Sitting Pretty, God Bless Your Marriage!

Pretty K


  1. so in love with her engagement look...pls wt eyeshadow if u used eyeshadow did u use to highlight d highest point of her browbone....


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