Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm a Duchess Walking on the Red Carpet : A Pibona Review

Hey Pretties,

As part of my promise to my readers, i ensure i do looks with products i purchase , sell or review. And this has been long ignored.

In my Pibona haul are 4 Fantastic Products and so for this look,i used :

 - Pibona Trio Mineral Eyeshadow in Duchess

- Pibona Matte Lipstick in Red Carpet (A Red Matte Lipstick that applies smoothly and has moisturizing properties)

- Pibona Luxury Lipgloss in Vivid Dream (A Pink Bubblegum-colored pigmented lipgloss that smells yummy)

- Pibona Luxury Lipgloss in Skinny Dip (A Champagne-colored lipgloss)

What I Think About Pibona :

- The Packaging is sleek, black in colour and the products come in velvet pouches which i think make good keepsakes for those pricey earrings you own.
- The Eyeshadows are a bit hard to get the colour off, but i found that with a firm and previously moistened brush, you get to pick up the shadows better and they apply and blend beautifully.
- The lipglosses smell yummy and the quantity is a good bargain
- It's a brand to look out for on the Nigerian scene

You can get these products on JUMIA. Now that you know how they look, happy shopping.

Thanks PIBONA once again for the addition to my kit.


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