Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Business Venture : Sit Pretty Beauty

Hey Pretties,

so i have some good news to share and i believe i can count on you all to run with the vision.

For a long time coming, my love for quality makeup has known no end as i have purchased, hoarded,coveted and eyed many makeup brands all over the world.

Then, i started my business and my passion for makeup and exploring all opportunities grew. I started buying makeup way back in Tejuoso(from Alhaja's shop and other petty traders), some i didn't know how to use but bought ; some were the wrong shade ; some were expired and some were ..... you guessed right - FAKE.

Thankfully, the internet helped me discern between all that was out there and with regular bloggers like Stella Ikelionwu of Stella's Addiction , i knew i was on the right path, albeit on a more quieter level.

So with the advise of close friends and family, i decided to give makeup retailing a shot & SIT PRETTY BEAUTY was formed.

What's so special?? I heard you ask. NOTHING except for the fact that the person behind the brand loves the makeup industry and would like to share knowledge about her craft and then.... make money doing it *wink*. Great thing is that i plan to review most of the products to give all consumers an idea of what they would be purchasing as well as how to get the best of their purchases

Products to be sold :

- Lash Glue
- Lashes
- Foundations
- Eyeshadows
- Lipsticks
- Lipglosses
- Eyeliners
- Powders
- Eyeshadow Primers
- Face Primers
- Makeup Brushes
- Makeup DVDs
- Makeup Books
- Brush holders & belts
and so much more

Over time, i'll update you on available stock & how you can get them

I'm excited, trust i made you equally excited


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  1. Thumbs up and success to you in your business venture


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