Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Skin Care Addition + Review : Embryollise Lait-Cream Concentre & Lait-Cream Fluide

Hey Pretties,

it's amazing how unimportant a lot of ladies take moisturizing,as i have found it to be very important in how your skin looks and how your makeup turns out. 

See it as you watering a pot of flowers, the more time you deprive that flower pot of good moisture, the more the flower leaves will wilt.

Sad gist is that i don't have the smoothest of faces and I was able to track down 2 major culprits in my diet : Peanuts & Chocolates. What is Garri on the Rocks ,without 'groundnuts' ehn??

Sadly,iv had to forgo them for better looking skin (i'm not there yet, but how i admire those who can eat anything and get away with it ).

But if there is anything i don't joke with, it's how i cleanse & maintain healthy - looking skin despite the not-so-smooth face i have. Moisturizers are one thing i would splurge on & so i had a dear friend get me both products. One for my clients & the other for my Personal use.

Lait Creme Concentre

Lait Creme Fluide

The Lait-Cream Concentre is a much thicker consistency that the Lait-Cream Fluide and while the former is meant solely for the face, the latter is for both face & body.

So not only does my face get some pampering, so does my body. The Pros of both products outweigh the con :-)

What I Love About Them

- They do exactly what you require (Moisturize , Nourish , Brighten )
- They allow makeup glide better on skin that's dry and patchy
- They double as makeup removers when applied with a cotton pad after washing your makeup off
- They can sheer out foundation that's too thick


- For those who don't like the obvious signs / feel of moisturizer, you might dislike the emollient feel, but believe me when i say its not such a displeasing feeling

- A bit pricey if you're on a budget, but a little drop goes a long way

So that's one recommendation i hope you won't pass off. 

Hugs & Lipstick Stains


  1. Nice review Kunbi, ve bn lukin for a good moisturizer to invest on. Bt am confused, do u av to use Moisturizer, primer and oil mattifier on d same face b4 makeup? If yes, in which order should dey folllow

    1. Hello Anny,it depends on the way my skin feels or the weather. i use it very much on those 'Harmattany' days and on very hot days,i use it just where i need it. I use the moisturizwer, then oil mattifier & then primer. I hope that helped!!

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  3. Whr do we get d product from?


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