Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Hey Pretties,

Don't you just love the word SALEEEEEE?!! I DO. So, last Sunday, a makeup artist cum friend,Osamu of Beauty Matters, informed me of the BM Pro Sale Event where most items were 50% off. I wasn't too keen on dropping by because i had attended one and honestly most of what i wanted had been bought off the shelves & some were a little pricey(hides face).

For those who haven't heard of Bm Pro, it's a Company owned by an Uber-Talented & Highly sought after Nigerian-based Bridal & Fashion Makeup Artist, Mrs Banke Meshida-Lawal.

My Haul
So in the aim of getting Osamu's order(she's based in Benin),i decided to go there as early as 11am,which was when the event was expected to start & i still didn't get most of what i wanted :-(

Long story short,i came across some shadows that were sold at a very unbelievable deal (500naira a pop :-D). If you've been using Bm Pro makeup in your kit,you'll know that was the best deal ever.

I also reached for some Longlasting glosses that dry matte as well as my 'Auburn' Brow Powder which i have absolutely come to love. And finally,my favorite wine lipstick i had searched for for the last 3years eventually was found.

I got to take a picture with Banke, take a peek at samples of her new product line & the food served was delicious. Thank You Banke for taking care of us *wink*

Expect a review of the products soon as i have to have used them a couple of times before telling you about them.



  1. Wow!!! That's pretty amazing!!! 500naira each!!! The last sale when I got some products 2shadows went for 3,500 *sniffs*

    1. awww,lucky me then.I'm sure you'll get another chance soon!

  2. Wow,500naira.I'l have 2 kip my ears on d ground to know wen d next sale will be comin up.we neva can tell,it might be cheaper than

  3. quintessence makeoversSeptember 6, 2012 at 8:01 AM

    Its not fair come i dint hear,kai!


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