Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Makeup For Mature Skin!!

Hey Pretties,

This is a topic that concerns makeup artists as sometimes you are given the task of making up a Bride's Mum or a client who's above 40.

Notice how happy & confident my clients look above. I want to give a few pointers i believe should be helpful for anyone who hasn't mastered this aspect of makeup. This post refers to women of colour, but is applicable with other skin tones

- Ensure your skin prep includes products that help plump & improve the appearance of the client's skin & features(eye creams,line fillers come into play here)
- Less is always more. You can use any color whatsoever, but a little goes a long way
- Avoid as much shimmer as you can,as shimmer tends to highlight & throw more light on problem areas(crow's feet, wrinkles & sagging skin)
- Keep shimmer/frost shadows awayyyyyyy from the crease,as this doesn't flatter & may emphasize crow's feet/wrinkles your client is most willing to hide
- Keep away from Loud lipcolors. This can't be emphasized enough!! If you are even going to use loud lipcolors,be sure you have a light hand & are very skilled at blending
- Lipglosses should be kept to the minimum, 'Ororo' - looking glosses are enemies. Limit the lipgloss application to the centre of the lips & that's it.
- Avoid the heavy use of blush on the cheeks or cheekbones, a mature client wants to look refined & not a comedian's scapegoat.
- Brows should be as subtle & natural looking as possible. It shouldn't take attention away from the eyes.
- Avoid thin brows, fuller looking brows give the client a much younger appearance. Don't be discouraged if your client has sparse brows, use a stencil if you don't have steady hands.
- Most mature clients are sensitive in the eye area, avoid using liners in the lower eye, if they tell you they have sensitive eyes.
- Ensure eyeshadow doesn't get into their eyes during application, learn how to do sufficient TAP-OFF
- Make your clients feel good about themselves as they are at a more self-conscious age & they need to look & feel comfortable
- Tryyyyyyy (i had to emphasize) to keep the application time between 10-15minutes as most mature women don't have the leisure or patience to sit for too long

Hopefully, i've helped answer questions a few people have struggled with. Please send any more questions you might have to : sitpretty412@yahoo.com



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