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One of the things we all have in common are eyebrows. Our eyebrows have the remarkable ability of changing one's appearance. Your eyebrows can make you look younger & can add a dramatic lift to your eyes, so that it appears firmer.

Your eyebrow shape depends most importantly on your facial features.And we have 6 Basic Categories of Face Shapes. Pls note that as much as you strive to have eyebrows that look like that of LINDA EVANGELISTA's or NAOMI CAMPBELL's, stick with what suits ur face frame.

Some of the illustrations below may look a bit sharp edged/harsh, but when done on the right face shape, you will absolutely love them.

The Various Face Shapes are:


* Forehead, cheekbones and jawline are all about the same width
* Can tend to have a prominent chin
* Has an elongated appearance


* Not as common as the other face shapes
* Typically the face is highly angular
* The forehead is somewhat short
* The face is widest at the temples


*Similar to oval but the chin tapers to a point.


* Forehead, cheekbones and jawline all about the same width
* Squared jawline is the most obvious feature


* Face is almost as wide as it is long
* Face is widest at the cheeks


* Forehead is wider than the chin
* Prominent cheekbones
* Face gracefully tapers to a narrow oval chin

We know that creating the most flattering shape and arch of your eyebrows may be really hard, so go to a Professional Makeup Artist like SIT PRETTY INC. or a beautician. Once you get the perfect line and shape you want, you will be able to maintain them by yourself.

Also identify under which of the following categories you fall, by pulling your hair away from your face:

# HIGH FOREHEAD – the arch of the eyebrow should be slightly elevated to create the illusion of a lower forehead.

# LOW FOREHEAD – the arch should be as low as possible to give more height to the forehead.

# WIDE SET EYES– leave the eyebrows unplucked on the inner corners. You can extend the inner corners using eyebrow pencil.

# CLOSE SET EYES – if you want to make the eyes wider apart, you should pluck more from the inner corners and extend outer corners using eye pencil

# If you tweeze too much from the inner edge of the eyebrows it makes your eyes look smaller.

# Eyebrows should follow the line of the bone just above your eyes.

# High arches are the best way to open up the eyes.

# When tweezing grab each hair at the root and quickly yank in the direction of hair growth.

# Plucking too much from the bottom edge gives you a permanent look of surprise.

# Never pluck above the eyebrows.

# Pull hairs out in the direction of growth one at a time.

# Never pluck daily.

# Use a toothbrush or a clean mascara wand to brush the hairs.

AND IF YOU WANT TO GO ALL ARCHITECT ON YOURSELF, You can take out time to do some Facial Mathematics Below:

* Measure the length of your face with a ruler. (In this case the total length of the face is 8).
* Divide the total length by 3. (In this case 8 divided by 3 is 2.67 or 2 2/3).
* Measure the length from the bottom of your nose to the bottom of your chin. (in this case 2 1/3),
* If the last number (the 2 1/3 number) is larger than the first number (the 2 2/3) than chances are you have a long face.
* If the last number is less than the first number than chances are you have a round face.
* If the last number is equal to the first number than chances are you have an oval face.

HAVE FUN DISCOVERING YOUR FACESHAPES & SUITABLE EYEBROW SHAPES & if you have any questions,don't hesitate to send me a mail - & PLEASE leave a comment!!

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