Thursday, August 19, 2010


So, the day has finally arrived. That day you dreamed of from the first time you read/watched the Disney stories. But as with all preparations,it has it's fair share of stress no matter how well plans are going.

Most likely you don't want/can't afford a wedding planner, but with the little i know about planning an event, your itinery should be:

- Identify the expected Number of guests: At least an approximate number would suffice, because here in Nigeria, you can't predict the number of guests that would show up.
ADVICE- Create a Guest List from both Families. That will help a great deal.

- Decide on a Venue: Here you have to be realistic.You can't decide to use a Field for 100 guests or a Conference Room for 1000 Guests. Proximity to all invited guests as well as season should also be considered. If your wedding date falls during the Rainy season, you don't want to risk having ur guests getting drenched by using a Field Location,except u have a Massive Tent e.g Balmoral(in Lagos)'s Kind.
ADVICE- Determine your budget & take friends along before conclusions are made.

- Food: Now,i'm not sure about the order of how things should happen, but at least i knw these few i have mentioned & still will are very important elements. If you are expecting 500 guests, then its very logical to provide food for 700guests. This also should be considered when providing drinks for guests.
ADVICE- Hire a Caterer & Drinks Provider. It's their Job & they will be able to offer expert advice. Finger Foods might also do nicely.

- Coverage: This refers to Videography & Photography. Hiring an experienced Photographer would be a great help in capturing precious moments. I didn't have exactly what i wanted when i got married, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't.
ADVICE- View previous works of Photographers & Word-of-mouth referrals from friends are also key.

- Entertainment- This covers Bands et al.
ADVICE- Get a Good DJ,discuss all options on songs you would like played for your First Dance & other highlights.

- Miscellaneous- This covers IVs(Invitation Cards),Color Themes,Bridal party,Wedding & Engagement Cakes,Shoes,Traditional Outfits,Wedding Gown,Suits,Rings,Makeup,Church/Mosque to use,Alagas for your Traditional Wedding(This partains to Yorubas.But for the Igbos & Hausas,the necessary Compere for your Traditional Wedding comes in here).

So,i wish you all the best with your upcoming Wedding. I hope the itemized details are helpful. Will post what you need to know about ur Makeup Artist.

Have fun & if you have any questions,don't hesitate to send me a mail - & PLEASE leave a comment!!


  1. thnx dear, that sure help make planning a wedding less
    keep the tips coming......

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