Monday, October 17, 2011

My Hair Journey!

Hey Pretties,

about 2 years ago, i had my 1st child (Sharrie) & being a girl, i lost a lot of hair (how the fact that i had a girl relates with my hair loss is what i don't get. People say you have more hair,if its a boy). I also experienced a thicker & stubborn hair texture that hardly ever got relaxed.

So, i gave up & just cut it all off (TWICE!!!). I read all sorts on how to take care of Natural/Nappie Hair and i sincerely don't have the patience for the hair especially since the only salons that can take care of the kinky-textured hair only style it as DREADLOCKS and nothing else creative.

I must confess that i was deceived into thinking the Soft Perm kit wasn't going to destroy the natural texture of my hair, because i have naturally coarse hair & so i needed something to soften the hair and reduce my migraine attacks less, which it did. But like every good thing, after 3 months (which is the expected time for a new soft perm, i refused to have that harsh chemical in my hair).

One would think that i had learnt my lesson. I also got deceived once again many months later, i went again to texturize my hair. Now,i can't curl the hair, it is gob-smacked straight & coarser.

So,i've resolved to let it all grow out & keep to the kinky texture i had at the beginning of my journey and either dread or just invest in Kinky Curly Products & Carol's Daughter

Pls note : I am best friends with Shea Butter, which i often used with water & some olive oil, but even that leaves the scalp clogged with dirt & the hair clogged with sediments. DON'T BE DECEIVED, GOING NATURAL TAKES HARD WORK & PATIENCE.

I hope this post was helpful to anyone seeking avenues of having better hair, all natural hair needs is moisture and lots of conditioning & u'll be fine. I'll keep you posted on the progress i make.


Early 2010
September 2010 (I just noticed this Top appeared Thrice,i have more clothes oo, I Promise!!)
November 2010

Late November 2010
January 2011
February 2011

March 2011 (After my Soft Perm)


April 2011

August 2011 (How my hair Looks Now)


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