Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Available For Purchase : Strip Lashes & Review

Hey Pretties,

I bet you all know that i retail beauty products & sometimes i get ahead of myself that i completely forget to blog about them.

Available for Sale & Delivery are Red Cherry strip lashes and some brandless lashes i swear by

What i love about strip Lashes & Why i think you'll love them too

- They mimic natural lashes if well applied & chosen to meet your needs. 
- Their varying lengths can be chosen to suit your personality and the occasion.
- They're easy to remove & are re-usable for at least 10wears (*always peel off the glue)
- They keep the shape they were made in when properly stored in its case.
- They're lightweight & don't feel heavy on the eyes like the 'umbrella' lashes a lot of ladies think look cool.


- 900naira per lash, 750naira each for bulk orders of 12pieces upwards for the Brandless lashes
- 1000naira per lash, 900naira each for bulk orders of 12pieces upwards for the Red Cherry Lashes

Clause : Minimum order per design is 3

Terms Of Delivery

Depending on the weight of your purchase, delivery costs between 
- between 500 - 1500naira within Lagos & any of the southern states for 0.5kg -1.5kg
- between 2000 - 3000naira for northern states,eastern & western states

To place your orders, please leave a comment in the box below or send me an email at : sitpretty412@yahoo.com

Pretty K


  1. Nice! Pictures of the brandless lashes aren't here though.

    1. Sorry about that,i just uploaded them and wanted to get word out for anyone in need of them

  2. Hi Kunbi! I'll absolutely love your blog! Waiting on the MAC Master Class post! :)

  3. U are just a thief "Ma" these nameless lashes are purchaseable in Lagos island for 200naira...y evils?

    1. Thanks for the comment,I wasn't going to honor your 'wisdom' with a response,but since you have taken the courage to be very rude,I would advise you to go and get a container load of the lashes without disturbing the peace of people who come to this blog to learn a thing or two.have a blessed day MADAM/SIR!!

    2. I know the N200 ones they are rigid and of low quality.They are nothing like the ones Kumbi posted.
      I also think the nameless ones kumbi is talking about are actually uncustomized Ardell lashes which are sold in bulk.Trust me they are one of the best available.

    3. So people like this anonymous person actually exist?? Get a life!!! Instead of doing market survey and insulting a reputable beauty blogger!! Dolapo

  4. @Anonymous......you are clearly a sad example of BAD BELLE. you must be a miserable enemy of progress! #smh

  5. Some people would always be Sad&Bitter no matter how much you try&Mr/Mrs Anonymous is clearly in that category....By the way Kunbi Thank You for this review&all the other reviews...I LOVE coming to your blog there's always something new to learn everytime


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