Thursday, November 21, 2013

The MAC Masterclass hosted by Baltasar Gonzalez Pinel (MAC Spain)

 Hey Pretties,

i recently got an invite to be a part of the 2nd MAC Masterclass and it held on the 19th of November at the 'WheatBaker Hotel' in Ikoyi (the ambience was quite nice)

Baltasar Gonzalez Pinel

Hosting the class was Baltasar Gonzalez Pinel, Senior Makeup Artist at MAC Spain & Director Of Makeup Artistry - EMEA(meaning Europe, The Middle East & Africa) & UK

The Class was about trends in makeup & a demo was done to show us the high fashion / catwalk interpretation (he kept teasing us about it not being Bridal makeup as someone must have told him that's what most of us do in Nigeria,LOL)

Before the Class Commenced
Sue Fox introducing Baltasar to the class

Baltasar greeting the class

With the beautiful model

When the contouring began to move from beautiful to intense
Notice the Glossy Eyes
 The Beautiful Makeup Artists in Attendance :
Moji of MO Makeovers

Jide Okerayi (Foremost Male Makeup Artist)

Moji, Moriam of Morsi PR, Funke of Gifty's Daughter

In My Mind!!!

Love, Moji, Mobola, Funke, Yemisi & Jide

Omobola 'MissGlam'
Yewande , Moji, Yemisi, Funmi, Me

Abeke Of Abeke Makeovers

Marco, Baltasar & Yemisi
Fred & Noredia
Doris & Jaga

Funke of Gifty's Daughter

Omon & Funke

Thanks Baltasar, your humor made you endearing. Look forward to learning from you in the future

Big thanks to the BT Company for the invite.

Pretty K

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  1. Really nice! Still sad I couldn't attend though!


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