Friday, November 8, 2013

Detuts, The Natural Beauty!!

Hey Pretties,

 Adetutu is one lady who grew from a client to a friend as i've grown to become fond of her. Over a year ago,she contacted me about wanting me to be her makeup artist and so i somewhat knew every stage of the planning process even though she's based in the UK.

What didn't detutu ask my opinion about when it came to the choice of colors, vendors to use and other sometimes overlooked details. It was such a huge honor as she took my opinion on a lot of things seriously. Imagine her saying 'Lemme Ask Sister Kunbi' most times, so when i did meet and her family in person,it was some kind of reunion hahaha.

Detutu is a lady who knows what she wants & i knew what she wanted was pretty,classy & timeless & i tried to interprete her unspoken thoughts. She would ping me at any hour oo, there's not 1day we didn't chat & if at any point we didn't in the last 1year, i would feel guilty.

Soft & Romantic

Events went well & all her vendors delivered thankfully. Detuts, i wish you and TK the best of life together in Good health, Peace & Wealth in Jesus' Name. Thank You For Sitting Pretty!

Learn how to achieve one of the looks in my next post.

Pretty K


  1. Who made her hair her contact and his/ her Id on Facebook so I can look through the album

    1. Hair by Uniqueberry, her bb pin is 2B087635. Cheers

  2. I love the lips...Aunty Kunbi I want to be like you when I grow

  3. Really Lovely..that last picture,,Exquisite!

  4. Lovely make up. Brides hair was styled by me.

  5. Anty Kunbi pls I want to have you as my makeup artist on my wedding day which is months from now pls send details and contact to my email thanks


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