Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bridal Feature : IreOluwa

Hey Pretties,

a few months back.i had the pleasure of being Ireoluwa's makeup artist for her big day. Ire,who isn't based here had corresponded with me for many months via blackberry & whatsapp & was very helpful to me when i needed to get a few makeup goodies.

Ireoluwa is a dark-skinned beauty & is someone with a very lovable personality. She's also very respectful (Too much so,if i might add). I have to do something to make people stop calling me Ma (laughs hard)

She had no airs about her & totally,completely & without any fears whatsoever trusted me with her makeup. It happened to be a sad day for me as i had to be at a dear friend's funeral,which i was still in shock about, but she was soo understanding & allowed me leave immediately i was done with her as she still had an outfit change scheduled later that day.

Thanks Ireoluwa for trusting me to hook you up nicely. Learn how i got the look in my next post

Pretty K


  1. Job well done it up. Luv ur blog


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